Does Your Man Have a Potty Mouth? New Science Suggests That Makes Him Manly

Note: I am trying my hand at science blogging. This is my first attempt. So it probably sucks. Be gentle on me. 😉

If you’re dating someone who peppers his sentences with cuss words, it makes it harder to get a stamp of approval from your parents during your annual visit home for the holidays. But new science suggests that your significant other’s dirty mouth might just mean he’s tougher than all your other previous boyfriends.

Researchers have found that men with higher testosterone levels were more likely to use sexual language and swear words with their partners rather than with co-workers or their children. This was based on a sample of 56 heterosexual men who lived with their partner and children between the ages of one and two years old. There’s no need for your parents to be alarmed that this finding affects you negatively, however. Most of the time, the swear words were pointed at themselves or inanimate objects, such as saying, “I’m cold as f—.”

The study also examined the interaction between testosterone, a gene known as CAG, and language, since previous research has shown that lower CAG numbers in men make them more sensitive to testosterone. And, yep, lower CAG made it more likely that a man with high testosterone would swear in front of their partners. High testosterone and high CAG resulted in tamer language.

The authors propose that the data could mean that testosterone is most influential in times when men feel the most relaxed. Which means that you could interpret your man’s explicit words as a sign that he feels more comfortable with you than he does with anyone else. How sweet.

Granted, there were fewer recordings around co-workers than there were with partners, which could also explain the difference. So we’ll give you the go ahead to keep getting annoyed at your significant other for his word choice.

Of course, being tough and cussing frequently doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll stay with him forever. The research did not explore whether the man’s potty mouth made a woman more or less satisfied with the relationship. But if you’re looking for mommy dearest’s thumbs up, we can only guess how the findings of a study that measured that statistic would turn out…


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