Year of Running 2017

Since I’m trying to get more serious about running, I’ve started looking for other female runners to follow on Instagram and Facebook. I noticed that there’s this thing going around where you can join a link up about your running in 2017. It looked like fun, so I’m jumping in!

I found this over on Eat Pray Run DC, so I’m linking up with her.

This wasn’t the best year for me in terms of running. But I have to know where I am if I want to move forward.

  • Best race experience: The Bourbon Chase! Which is crazy, since I didn’t think I’d ever run a relay race. I ended up running the fastest I’ve ever run in a race, though. And it was so fun to have a team to commiserate with.


  • Best run: The second leg of the Bourbon Chase. It was hilly, and a little over 8 miles, at about 3 in the morning. But it was perfect running weather, it was nice to zone out since I was running by myself, and I was impressed by how well I handled the hills! Probably because I had made up a 14er training plan for hiking in the months leading up to it!
  • Best new piece of running gear: I haven’t really gotten any new running gear. I got new shoes, of course, since I do that every 300 miles or so. But other than that, nothing. Maybe this is a good reason to get myself some running gear for Christmas…
  • Best running advice you’ve received this year: Commit. When I asked people on my Instagram how I could get serious about running, someone responded that I just have to commit. So simple. Now to follow instructions…
  • Most inspirational runner: Probably Maria Abbe from Running Myself Together. She has an awesome blog, talks a lot about how running has helped with her mental health, and just generally has created a running community that I’m striving for. Give me some tips, girl!
  • Favorite picture from a run or race this year: Hated the race, loved the picture.


  • Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat: I don’t really have a lot of options since I only did two this year. The full marathon in January was a disaster. The Bourbon Chase was amazing. Still, even if I did have more options, I think I’d still choose the Bourbon Chase.


  • If you could sum up your year in a couple of words what would they be? Sabbatical. My January marathon made me feel so bad that I didn’t really start running again until August or September. But now I’m back! And hopefully better than ever.

Join me! Link up and share your year of running. Just answer the questions above, then link back.


9 thoughts on “Year of Running 2017

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the Bourbon Chase. I live in KY in Bourbon County (about 10 miles from where the race started). I’ve ran the BC 3 times and each time has been different. Different team members, different legs, and different weather. This year was prob my favorite – the weather was perfect. It’s not as fun when it’s raining 😩. I hope you return next year – if you do, try to run different legs so you see different parts of the BC.

    Enjoyed your post – Suz.


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