Getting serious

Today on my run I started thinking about my vocation.

At first, it was a thought about whether or not my desire to be married is my own desire or God’s. But throughout the day, the thoughts turned to evangelizing. That is everyone’s vocation, after all.

The biggest way I am evangelizing right now is with my running ministry. So then I started thinking about my preparation for this ministry. Yes, I am a runner. Yes, running led me to the Catholic Church (and even to Christianity in general, really). Yes, running has changed my life in numerous ways. Yes, it is a gift that God has given to me. And God has given me the opportunity to give that gift to others.


I also haven’t treated it as a gift. If anything, I have gotten complacent about running. Or maybe I always have been.

I tell others I will never run competitively. Which is true, right? I can’t be an elite. Or maybe that’s just a story I’m telling myself. I could at least try. Like my faith – if I said I could never be a saint, and then didn’t even try, what would be the point?

And if I’m further along on the running path than other women who I’m guiding and coaching…what help would I be if I remained the same? God is demanding of us. Whenever I overcome a spiritual challenge, He wants me to overcome another. So even though it would be nice to coast along like I always have been, it’s not what I’m called to do.

For once, my faith is informing my running, rather than vice versa.

God has placed a running ministry on my heart. I’ve been taking the ministry part seriously. Now I need to take the running part seriously.

This blog will still have thoughts about how running is connected to TOB and the feminine genius (especially since I’m getting some new TOB books in the mail!). But I also want to start putting typical running blog stuff on here to hold myself accountable (and for anyone reading this to hold me accountable). Race recaps, run logs, etc.

Pretty excited about getting more obsessed with my faith AND running, actually…


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