One Foot in Front of the Other

Silence on the blog for a few day again. And this post still won’t be about Theology of the Body. It is, however, an update about the running prayer idea for Catholic Women I mentioned in another post!

I have now created a training plan for both a 5k and a half marathon. Both are 12 weeks long. The former moves a newbie runner from 0 to running 30 minutes. The latter is also for beginners, but always involves some form of run/walk interval since it’s a longer distance. Plus, I see nothing wrong with doing intervals. It’s what I do for my own marathons. Both plans involve 3 days of running, a day of yoga, a day of strength training, a cardio day of your choice (it could even be another run), and a rest day.

I have also created an outline of prayers and reflections for each of the 3 run days in the 12-week plan. That’s a total of 36 days of scripture, meditations, and reflections. HOWEVER, right now there’s only a completed prayer journal for the first month. Since I needed to get it to my friend by Monday, I just didn’t have time to make a prayer journal for all three months at once. I realized last night when I was doing this that formatting an ejournal takes a long time!

There are other things I want to improve on besides the fact that there’s only one completed month. I was originally dreaming of a full ministry in my own town where Catholic women could come together once a week to run. When I was training for my second half marathon and my first full marathon, it was the once-a-week run with my group that really kept me going even when I wasn’t feeling it. And I think that would be useful for women.

I also want the Scriptures and meditations and reflections to be over audio. Right now, they’re just in a book. That’s great, but I know sometimes I don’t do the reading I’m supposed to because it’s just more work. And since I listen to podcasts when I run anyway, I thought having everything in that format would be the most helpful.

Like this blog, I originally wanted to delve more into Theology of the Body. I think it’s so relevant to running, since it’s both a physical and a spiritual habit. But most of the stuff I know about TOB is related to marriage and sexuality. Both things that could definitely be connected to running. But I want to explore more of the health aspects of TOB. And I didn’t feel like I understood that enough to put it in this ejournal yet.

I wanted to add my own stories about what running has done for my life – socially, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. But I realized that actually takes a lot of time to think about and then form into articulate words. Since I had so little time, I just decided to pair a quote about running with whichever Scripture and meditation went along with it.

So there’s a lot of things that still need fixing. What I have now isn’t quite what I imagined when I started dreaming this up a few months ago. But, like running, I realized I just have to start. Put one foot in front of the other, turn one idea into a real product, help one woman who wanted it right now.

Plus, I already have some ideas about what to do to improve these things. My friend and I were already talking about starting a podcast in January. She’s actually the one who suggested connecting running to spirituality in the first place. We’ll talk about books, the Catholic faith, and my running plan. So that will give me more experience with the audio part of my dream finished product.

I’ll get my hands on any TOB book I can so I can soak it all up. I’ll keep a journal from now on for me to jot down notes and ideas and how I can connect the concepts to this ministry.

NaNoWriMo is coming up, so I can write at least 50,000 words about my running journey. Then maybe I could use some of it for the next version of the journal.

I might reach out to the priest at my parish about starting a group based on this idea. This is actually something I’m the most scared of. How is it that talking about this with strangers in different parts of the country is fine for me? But talking about it at my own front door is terrifying? I guess because it would be right in front of my eyes, so it would be easier to see if it was failing.

I’m running a hundred mile relay race this weekend with 11 other people, so I’ll have about a total of 16 miles to think about things. I’m praying that everything is in line with what God is calling me to do. Everything has sort of been falling into place, but I’m letting God lead me down the path where He wants me.

I haven’t been this excited in a long time!


P.S. Want to be a part of the first #catholicwomenrun group that uses this running prayer journal during Advent? Sign up here!


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